Sorry this took so long, I've been off doing other oddities all day. In fact, my shipment from arrived and I had to watch them! (I ordered all episodes 1-9 of pokemon on VHS. That's all that's out so far.) So, now, with a nice new refreshed head full of pokemon, I, Robin Kirkman of Warrenton, am going to become a Fanfiction Master!

Asheo and Mistiet
by Robin Kirkman
Act 1, Scene 4

Setting: A street somewhere.

Enter Ash, James, Gary, and a group of others. Some of the others are waering costumes, as are Ash and Gary. This is, of course, a Team Rocket party, and they'd get toasted if someone knew they were crashing it :)

Ash: What's our excuse for coming?
Or do we just bust in?

Gary is slightly high. He just got back from his own private party with his cheer leaders, we'll not go into what happened -there-. Let it suffice to say that Gary is no longer virgin :)

Gary: Today is a mixed up day.
Cupid won't be attacking Me,
unless he appears as my fan club.

Gary sighs.

And in that case, my fan club would scare away
all the other women here.
So, for a reason, we don't need one.
I'm Gary Oak, I need no reasons to party.
Ash: Huh? Gary you're making no sense, -and- you're not insulting me.
I think I'll go sit on the sidelines and watch you make a fool of yourself.
James: No way! Ash, you're dancing.
Ash: I can't dance!
Not only am I weighed down with a heavy heart,
I'm clumbsy also.

Ash admits this rather grudgingly, cause knowing Ash it's rather hard for him to admit he's wrong :)

James: You're in love. Go steal cupid from Gary, and soar on its wings.
You'd be suprised how high you can fly when you've got what Gary has.

James, of course, is refrencing drugs. It just seems to make sense to me that Gary would have -some- sort of drugs with him. How else could he act so miserably?

Ash: Yeah, right.

That was said in Ash's "Not In A Million Years No Matter How Much I Want It" voice.

Ash: That dumb love which keeps me from dancing -definately- keeps me on the ground.

Ash doesn't realize James is referring to drugs. Probably a good thing, imagine Ash high? Heehee. Total Disgrace.

James: Really? I thought love was light and happy. Have a rose.

James tosses Ash a rose.

Ash: Love is kinda like this rose.

Thumbing the rose.

Ash: It looks good, but it will prick you if held too dearly.

Of course, Ash pokes himself on a thorn.

Ash: Ow! Darn rose! That's why I don't like love.

James: If love pokes you, poke it back. Try giving it a rose.
In my experience, Love won't poke itself.
Love is nimble but gracefull.

All this time they've been walking down the street. Ash, engrossed in his argument with James, walks into the door to Capulet's house face first.

James: Put on masks, you two. You are in no way invited here.

Gary simply ruffles his hair. Amazingly, with his hair imperfect, he is unrecognizable.
Ash puts on a skull. Remember that from the episode about Lavendar town?
Anyways, the skull gets kinda uncomfortable, so Ash gets one of those eye-masks that the Ninja Turtles wear. Ash picks out red.

Gary: Who's gonna knock the door?

Gary looks up to the doorknocker. Being high, Gary sees it several miles up. Kinda like the gates to a castle run by Giants.

Ash: I'll be needing a punch glass.
I'm going to sit and watch.
James: Look, we're wasting out time. Let's get going.
Gary, why aren't you openeing the door?

Gary is cringing in fear. He thinks it might fall on him if he touches it. Apparently, that party Gary was at was a -very- fun one. A little too much fun, if you ask me.

Ash: No, wait a little.
James: Why? It's getting cold.
Ash: I dreamt a dream last night.
James: Bravo! You're not braindead!
Ash: So what do you dream?

Ash said that in his annoyed voice.

James: I dream that dreamers lie.

James says that in his voice of infinate contempt. Gotta love it.

Ash: While they're alseep they dream the truth.
James: Really? I guess the Sand Man of Doom has been with you.

James is a bit hyperactive. Not on drugs like Gary, just too much coffee.

James: It runs around at night.
The Sand Man of Doom is no bigger than a thumb.
It flies on a magical carriage pulled by many ponytas.
Sometimes it crashes into people.
It uses Sand Attack on lovers night, and they dream of love.
Sand Attack on lawyers brings dreams of fees.
And ugly bathing suits, too.
Young girls dream of kisses.

This thing runs around making people dream what they want.
It is evil and awful and bad.
It is that which brings people to war.
Beware the Sand Man of Doom!

Ash: Right, whatever. Settle down.

Ash looks behind him and sees a trail of expresso cups about a mile long.

Ash: Good god, no wonder you're freaking out, especially about dreams.
Since when do you dream at all? You probably never sleep.

James: Dreams are the children of an idle mind.
My mind is never idle.

Gary: Great, whatever, lets get going. Is someone gonna open that door?

It seems the door has done an Alice in Wonderland trick on Gary, it's now sorta small. He might be able to crawl through, if he's lucky.

Ash: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Gary spazzes, then seems to regain control.

Ash: Gary, you okay?
Gary: Yeah, you little dweeb. Get out of my way, I've got a party to crash!

It seems Gary is back to his normal obnoxious self.


If that wasn't very in character i'm sorry, it's really hard to take Romeo + Juliet and adapt it to Pokemon but keep it in character.

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